What our customers are saying!

The Dog Dish is a one-of-a kind treasure! So happy to have found this wonderful dog friendly place! My cocker, Buddy, loves all your treats and visiting! Thank you!
– Tara S. (Buddy)

Love this place with all my heart! They are so generous to many of the rescues in our community needing help with an item for their fundraisers. They are always professional, friendly and knowledgable of all their products. If you are looking for something unique and classy, this is where you will find it!
– Jamee H.

The ladies working at your store the other day were the sweetest ladies I’ve EVER dealt with in Utica square in my entire life!! Even more they both took time to help me find what I was looking for, plus they took turns entertaining & answering my step sons endless array of questions. It’s his new favorite pet store!! 6 Yr. Old & 6 yr old at heart approved!
– Chris C.

The Dog Dish is the BEST pet store in Tulsa! They have the latest and greatest products, cool toys and treats for your pets, they do their research on what is good or bad for your pets and only stock the good stuff, your pets wont die from any of the food or treats it sells. Their store is unique and the staff is informative and friendly. Plus they occasionally have seminars on pet-related topics such as allergies, parasites, etc. The Dog Dish is your “go to” place for all your pet-related needs!
– Pamela R.

Knowledgeable and friendly staff who know their stuff about the products they sell! When you have a question they have an answer or they’ll try to find an answer for you. Always a good experience!
– Juley R.

Can’t say enough wonderful things about the dog dish! Trustworthy adorable merchandise, helpful employees, and always the friendliest smiles!
– Melissa C.